SUZUKI JIMNY 1.5L JB74 04/2019...
SUZUKI JIMNY 1.5L JB74 04/2019...
SUZUKI JIMNY 1.5L JB74 04/2019...
SUZUKI JIMNY 1.5L JB74 04/2019...
SUZUKI JIMNY 1.5L JB74 04/2019...
SUZUKI JIMNY 1.5L JB74 04/2019...
SUZUKI JIMNY 1.5L JB74 04/2019...
SUZUKI JIMNY 1.5L JB74 04/2019...
SUZUKI JIMNY 1.5L JB74 04/2019...

SUZUKI JIMNY 1.5L JB74 04/2019...

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By altering the signal sent to your Suzuki Jimny’s ECU, this unit creates an improved throttle response that enhances acceleration performance. With more response instantly, you can say goodbye to engine lag when accelerating. The Pedal Torq can be combined with additional upgrades to completely transform the Jimny’s performance – to read up on the top recommendations for your vehicle, click here.


Perfect for touring, towing and off roading, Torqit’s Jimny Performance Exhaust is expertly designed and manufactured to increase power from your exhaust and generate a deep note.

Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and up to 2mm thick, Torqit’s Jimny system is one of the thickest and most durable exhausts available for this model in Australia. The mandrel bent pipe provides a smooth and constant diameter to eliminate back pressure and reduce exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s.) By reducing restriction, the Jimny exhaust improves air flow and maximises power and fuel efficiency from each drop of fuel.

Torqit’s Suzuki Jimmy Performance Exhaust follows the path of the stock system, and includes a secondary catalytic convertor for maximum exhaust flow. A resonator and rear muffler create a deep, sporty note, and a double braided flex bellow reduces strain on the system and absorbs excess movement and vibrations. With flanges TIG welded internally and externally, this Jimny exhaust is built to withstand extreme off roading in any terrain or climate, and includes heavy duty bolts and brackets also manufactured from 304 grade steel.

Combine with additional upgrades to completely transform your Jimny’s performance – read up on the top recommendations for your vehicle here.


Thick Stainless Steel
An exhaust system is exposed to many varied elements, including extreme heat and rough terrain. To handle these harsh conditions, we use stainless steel that is up to 2mm thick to maintain structural strength even after bending. Being extremely durable and difficult to crack, you can go off-road with peace of mind that your Torqit Performance Exhaust system will stay intact. Steel thickness not only affects the strength of an exhaust system, but also the sound it will produce- the thinner the steel, the tinnier the note. As among the thickest mandrel bent systems available in Australia, Torqit Performance Exhausts produce a deep note without cabin drone. Click here to listen to the sound of cheap vs quality stainless steel.

304 Grade Stainless Steel
The highest quality steel used in exhaust systems is 304 grade stainless, which is renowned for its high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance. It is known as an austenitic stainless steel, meaning due to a high percentage of chromium and nickel it is extremely resistant to rust, stress, and harsh conditions such as high temperatures. The excellent properties of Torqit’s 304 grade stainless demonstrate its strength in comparison to the 409 grade stainless commonly used in the automotive industry. For heavy duty strength and resistance to corrosion, 304 grade stainless steel is the superior choice. A 4WD owner who undertakes water crossings, backs their vehicle into the water to unload a boat, or lives by the coast will especially benefit from our stainless steel systems. Find out more on the difference between 304 and 409 grade steel.

Internal & External Welds
High quality welds are essential to avoiding structural fatigue on joints, stopping cracks from forming, and preventing exhaust gas leaks. All flanges used in Torqit Performance Exhausts are TIG welded internally and externally, to reinforce the system for maximum strength. TIG welding is complex and more time consuming than the usual MIG welding technique used on exhausts; however it is a key part of creating a premium system. Torqit’s welds are extremely precise, higher quality, and create a beautiful clean finish with no welding spatter.

Mandrel Bent System
Torqit’s Mandrel Bender uses a flexible mandrel rod to support the pipe internally and prevent crinkling as it is bent. This maintains a smooth and constant diameter, improving the efficiency of your engine. With Torqit’s in house mandrel bender, we can maintain the structural integrity and thickness of our systems, prevent restricted exhaust flow, and reduce back pressure. State of the art programming means each exhaust is precisely replicated to follow the correct path, and guarantees accurate fitment. Check out the Torqit  Mandrel Bender in action.

Double Braided Flex Bellow
A flex bellow is an exhaust flex joint, designed to absorb excess movement and vibrations on the vehicles chassis. This prevents strain on the exhaust system, stops cracks from forming, and caters for slight adjustments when aligning and fastening the exhausts flanges. Torqit’s flex bellows are made from 304 grade stainless steel for superior strength, in comparison to the commonly used 409 grade stainless. The double braided design reinforces the bellow to prevent escape of gases, reduces deterioration from heat and gases, and increases the longevity and performance of your exhaust system.

High Flow Catalytic Convertor
Made up of a honeycomb structure of precious metals inside a stainless steel case, Torqit’s cats have a 200 CPSI in comparison to the 400 CPSI of a standard cat. The reduced CPSI means the cats work harder and faster, providing increased airflow, extra power and performance, improved fuel economy, and lower temperatures and reduced EGT’s. Each cat is manufactured from premium 304 grade stainless steel, and is welded inside and out on the flanges.


Torqit’s Jimny exhaust is a DIY bolt together system which comes with a full fitting kit. It does not require a hoist, and can be fitted on your driveway in approximately two and a half hours with a basic socket set and spanners.


A correctly functioning airbox on your 4WD is essential for supplying clean air to the engine, optimising the combustion process and preventing engine wear and damage. Combining function with performance, Torqit’s Stainless Steel Airbox for the Suzuki Jimny has been designed for maximum airflow and efficiency. This means a potential increase in power and fuel economy, and total peace of mind when driving through water* and dust.

Torqit’s Jimny Airbox is built to house a flat paper filter 2.3 times larger than standard. Unlike many airboxes on the market, our Jimny airbox uses a raised and tapered lid to increase the total air capacity, and as a result maximise airflow and filtration by utilising the entire surface area of the larger filter.

Thick 304 grade stainless steel keeps the airbox structurally rigid when exposed to heat and water, while four high strength clips maintain tension around the seal and allow easy access to the filter. Manufactured in Australia and built to last the distance, Torqit’s Jimny Airbox offers maximum airflow and performance without compromising on effective filtration to keep your Jimny’s engine in peak condition.


Stainless Steel
A brushed stainless steel finish adds a distinctive look to the Jimny Airbox, accentuating Torqit’s precision TIG welding and the laser-cut, stainless steel branded logo.

Powder Coated
Powder coating creates a highly durable and scratch resistant finish for an extra layer of protection. Available in satin black, this option ties in neatly with other fixings beneath the bonnet and also features a laser-cut stainless steel Torqit logo.

Combine with additional upgrades to completely transform your Jimny’s performance – read up on the top recommendations for your vehicle here.


304 Grade Stainless Steel
The high percentage of chromium and nickel present in 304 grade steel make it extremely resistant to rust, stress, and harsh conditions. For the under-bonnet area which is constantly exposed to high temperatures and water, this heavy duty material is the ideal choice for maximum durability and a long lifespan.

Thick Stainless Steel
Stainless steel up to 2mm thick keeps the airbox rigid and robust. The thickness maintains the structural integrity of the steel during fabrication, and offers peace of mind against cracking and warping when exposed to high temperatures under the bonnet.

Raised and Tapered Lid
Aftermarket airboxes regularly increase the filter size without increasing the volume of the air box, meaning the bigger filter has minimal effect on overall performance. The raised lid on Torqit’s airbox takes advantage of the larger filter by increasing the total air capacity beneath the lid for maximum airflow and filtration.

Flat Paper Filter
Torqit’s Jimny air box uses a flat paper Ryco filter- a surface area which is 2.3 times larger than standard.  Designed and tested in Australia, this filter has undergone in-depth testing procedures to not only meet all OEM standards, but guarantee maximum efficiency and airflow while withstanding harsh Australian conditions.

Integrated Water Drainage Valve
A Donaldson Water Evacuator prevents engine damage by draining out any water which enters the airbox.


Torqit’s Jimny Airbox comes with a full fitment kit and detailed instructions. We recommend allowing one hour for fitment, and an additional 30 minutes if fitted alongside our Suzuki Jimny Snorkel.


A snorkel is an important addition to your 4WD, especially when driving off-road, in rural areas or through water. A raised air intake provides your Jimny with cooler and cleaner air, and safeguards against engine damage. Designed for optimum performance, Torqit’s 3.5” Jimny Snorkel also maximises airflow to improve your engines efficiency and provide potential fuel savings.

Mandrel bent from 304 grade stainless steel, the one-piece construction eliminates all joins to keep the Jimny snorkel streamlined and watertight. Rear facing and angled slightly down, Torqit’s snorkel is designed to avoid rain, insects and water from entering the snorkel’s mouth.

Made in Australia, this Suzuki Jimny snorkel is built to withstand rigorous off-roading and the harsh extremes of the Australian climate. Preventing dust and water intake* with a fully sealed snorkel gives you the ultimate peace of mind that your vehicle is protected and working at optimum capacity.


Stainless Steel
Brushed to a 320-grit finish at Torqit’s head office, our stainless steel option adds a point of difference to your Jimny build.

Powder Coated
Torqit’s powder-coated option in matte black is highly durable and scratch resistant. Complementing the colour of the Jimny’s body details and aftermarket accessories, this option gives your build a coordinated finish.

Combine with additional upgrades to completely transform your Jimny’s performance – read up on the top recommendations for your vehicle here.


304 Grade Stainless Steel
As premium quality steel, 304 grade stainless is renowned for its high strength, resistance to corrosion and easy maintenance. A snorkel is constantly exposed to the elements, yet the properties of 304 grade steel mean it can withstand rust and the harshest of Australian conditions.

Thick Stainless Steel
To handle extreme off-roading and rough terrain, Torqit uses steel up to 2mm thick. The thickness maintains the structural integrity of the pipe even after bending, and means you can go off-road with peace of mind knowing your snorkel will not crack and dent.

Mandrel Bent Pipe
Torqit’s Mandrel Bender uses a flexible rod to support the pipe internally and prevent crinkling as it is bent. This one-piece construction eliminates all joins to keep the snorkel rigid, and produces a constant wide diameter with minimal bends for unrestricted airflow. Check out Torqit’s Mandrel Bender in action.

Rubber Pinch Weld and Anti-Rust Paint
To protect the guard panel from rusting, Torqit’s snorkel comes complete with clear OEM-certified paint for applying to the guard cut. A rubber pinch weld provides a final sealed finish, and also helps prevent corrosion and water leakage.


Torqit’s Jimny Snorkel bolts directly to the side of the guard for a streamlined profile, and comes complete with a full fitting kit and thick card fitting template.

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